Olfred Tass

A budding young scholar and mage, confident in his abilities - eager to fight the enemies of House Crimson and acquire lore in the process.


Neutral Good Human Wizard (Scholar tradition)

Str: 10
Dex: 13
Con: 14
Int: 19
Wis: 12
Cha: 11

Initiative: +1
Speed: 30

Max HP: 15
HD: 2d6
AC: 11 (13 w/ Mage Armor)
Skill die: d6

Magic attack: +5
Spell saving throw DC: 15



Olfred Tass has been studying for as long as he can remember. Born to a frontiersman and his wife, he was orphaned at a young age when his homestead fell as collateral damage in a feud between neighboring aristocrats. As a gesture of recompense, Lord Crimson took him in to raise within his own keep.

As a child, he thus had the chance to play with Nathaniel, and they became fast friends, different stations notwithstanding. In fact, for years they were partners in crime in terrorizing the keep. However, as soon as he was old enough to begin working their interactions altered drastically. Olfred first served unsatisfying stints in the kitchens and stables, and was told to keep from trying to see Nathaniel in his free time. Eventually, he was sent to serve as a runner for Tellian Evander, the sage of House Crimson. Tellian soon recognized the inquisitive mind, and arranged to instruct Olfred in history, mathematics, etc. Olfred’s gift for learning improved his standing within the keep – before long he accompanied Tellian to court and was encouraged to begin participating with Tellian as counselor to Lord Crimson. Olfred and Nathaniel were also both pleased that the new arrangement allowed them the chance to rekindle their old partnership.

Tellian also had some magical training in his youth, and quickly recognized the arcane potential of his charge. While grooming Olfred as his successor counselor, he also taught Olfred everything he knew of the arcane arts. Under his invaluable tutelage Olfred received: thorough instruction in a variety of academia; an understanding of the fundamentals of the arcane arts; and most importantly a firm grounding in morality, philosophy, and the process of discovery. Equipped with this foundation, Olfred is eager to begin adventuring in earnest in order to uncover forgotten lore and develop his arcane abilities.


Olfred has a fairly nondescript appearance, with a dark complexion and slender build. While he is by no means a physical specimen, he inherited a bit of toughness from his parents that is not apparent to the casual observer. His only noteworthy characteristic is a terrific scar on his right arm (generally covered by his clothing) – a souvenir from the attack that destroyed his family.

He does not hesitate to offer his thoughts, though his tendency to speak up before thoroughly analyzing a problem sometimes gets him into trouble – he makes a great effort at court or in other important situations to quell this instinct.

Olfred Tass

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