Captain Kiirian Norandael

A mercenary captain tracking a demon across Norath/Azeroth


Level 2, Chaotic Good Wood Elf Fighter

Str: 12
Dex: 20
Con: 16
Int: 10
Wis: 9
Cha: 14

Initiative: +5
Speed: 35

Max HP: 24
HD: 1d10
AC: 16 (17 w/ Shield)
Skill die: d6
Martial Damage die: 1d6
Weapon Attack Bonus: +1

Longbow: +6; 1d10 +5



Kiirian Norandael was born in a small elven settlement near a regularly traveled trade route. Living so near the road, caravans and bands of soldiers would often stop at the village to do business and rest, and as such, Kiirian was exposed to a wide array of people from a very young age. His favorite visitors, however, were the traveling circus performers, a mixed company which would come every couple of years and give a free show in payment of some debt between the circus-folk and the village that was only spoken of vaguely. Ever since he could remember, Kiirian had wanted to join the circus, though he parents, who were not pleased with the idea, had forbidden it until he reached adulthood.

Even for an elf, Kiirian was gifted with the bow from a young age and he spent his years training for the day he’d be able to leave and fulfill his dream. When the time finally came, the circus welcomed him and quickly became like a second family. Every few years Kiirian would see his original family and show them all he had learned while on the road. Several years later, however, Kiirian’s happy routine was interrupted.

The circus arrived one year to find the entire village destroyed, the houses scorched and splintered, and the very trees charred black and dead. The only clue discovered was a demonic sigil burned into the ground in centre of the destruction. To Kiirian, it didn’t feel like a decision at all. He needed coin, he needed experience with a blade, and he needed advice if he was going to hunt down his family’s killers. He said his goodbyes to the circus and joined up with a company of mercenaries.

Compared to the feats he had performed with a bow while hanging suspended and spinning from a trapeze, shooting a man while on horseback turned out to be as easy as breathing. Kiirian’s mastery of the bow and ability to quickly build camaraderie made him quite popular among the mercenaries, and he quickly gained rank and the reputation of a skilled and respected, if occasionally overly eager, captain.

During some work that his company had been hired to do by Lord Crimson, Kiirian made the acquaintance of both Nathaniel and Tellian Evander, the sage of House Crimson. Tellian was very interested in the story of the attack on Kiirian’s village and the sketch of the demonic sigil which Kiirian always carried, and the two of them spent many nights discussing theories about what creatures would and could such a thing. Recently, Kiirian received a letter from a cousin that mentioned a very similar attack in the South. Upon hearing that Kiirian was leaving the House to investigate, Tellian was kind enough to provide him with a list of other sages who might have more information.


Kiirian is an exceptionally graceful person with elven good looks and long dark red hair. His years in the mercenary company have kept him strong and well conditioned.

Kiirian’s many years of performing at the circus and leading a company of mercenaries have given him a natural magnetism and ability to get along with people. He has always been brash, especially for an elf, and recently people have noted a certain restlessness about him that those who do not know him well find hard to explain.

Captain Kiirian Norandael

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