Lord Nathaniel Crimson

Nathaniel Crimson is one of a few lords of the region Alecrast, of average human height and of a slightly introverted nature.


Align: Lawful Good
Race: Human
Class: Cleric
Gender: M
Specialty: Defender
Background: Noble

STR 16 (3)
DEX 13 (
CON 16 (3)
INT 12 (
WIS 19 (4)
CHA 15 (

hp: 27 , ac: 18 , speed: 30ft., hit die: d8, size: M

Weapon: Mace (Atk 5) (Dmg d8 + d6 (martial)3 (strength))

Nathaniel’s current foray into the adventuring world is an exercise in irony for his family. Being the eldest, he grew up with the pressure and constant instruction that comes with grooming oneself for a life of politics. While his siblings and family in general almost seemed to revel in incessant intrigue and plotting of the noble houses throughout Alecrast, Nathaniel found his instruction in ruling the family’s affairs to be tedious, though he rarely voiced his concerns in the name of duty. As time increased, he would subtly use any excuse he could to roam the countryside and “oversee” errands to other houses. These ruses would only prove to feed a growing desire to travel. No member of the house received more training to rule with less of a desire to do so.

After his father’s death, an indignantly religious want to understand the divine lead him to pursue clerical training. His first channeling of a spell sealed him to this calling. While part of him still remains magnanimous enough to want to use the divine abilities for a noble purpose, he has recently come to accept that his pursuit of knowledge and experience in battle are beginning to override his actions, and that these things are why he must relentlessly pursue the divine arts. His knowledge of spells and his reverence for his deity are personal more than anything. He is not harried by a desire to convert others to his way of thinking, but must regularly draw himself out of inner contemplation and meditation so that he doesn’t lose sight of the task at hand.

Nathaniel has begun to feel the lure of the divine arts as an inexorable desire for self-improvement, to reach the omega point of his personal evolution through knowledge. It his his most powerful hope that he can master the divine arts and in doing so reach the apex of mental and physical prowess. He isn’t entirely sure how he will achieve this goal, only that he feels as though he is being pulled away from his family and that the prospect of exploration and danger have become powerfully alluring.

Lord Nathaniel Crimson

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